Watch The NFL Draft On Your Phone Free With Verizon Football App

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Users can get Verizon's NFL Mobile App for the rest of 2010. That means we you can watch The NFL Draft April 22, 2010 at 7:30 PM.
The NFL Draft is the biggest day in Football that's not in season. The tension as players wait to be picked is evident. Every year the draft brings surprises.
Text ( NFL to 8915) To download or go to and follow the links. Make sure you read the terms of the app as charges may apply starting in 2011.
We have found this application to be useful at the very least. It is easy to navigate and updates constantly. Before the draft starts users can read about "Mock Drafts" . You can also go to the NFL Network and watch shows. We watched the Doug Flutie's Boston Collage Hale Mary Throw and other Classic TV Clips and shows. We also watch some classic draft shows that where very cool.

1 St. Louis Rams
2 Detroit Lions
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 Washington Redskins
5 Kansas City Chiefs
6 Seattle Seahawks
7 Cleveland Browns
8 Oakland Raiders
9 Buffalo Bills
10 Jacksonville Jaguars
11 Denver Broncos
12 Miami Dolphins
13 San Francisco 49ers
14 Seattle Seahawks
15 New York Giants
16 Tennessee Titans
17 San Francisco 49ers
18 Pittsburgh Steelers
19 Atlanta Falcons
20 Houston Texans
21 Cincinnati Bengals
22 New England Patriots
23 Green Bay Packers
24 Philadelphia Eagles
25 Baltimore Ravens
26 Arizona Cardinals
27 Dallas Cowboys
28 San Diego Chargers
29 New York Jets
30 Minnesota Vikings
31 Indianapolis Colts
32 New Orleans Saints

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