What Is Android and The Droid Smartphone From Verizon

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Android Open SourceSo unless you live under a rock you have probably heard of Android? No!

Lots techies and internet enthusiasts think everyone knows what Android is. Not the case we have found that lots of people have no clue what Android is or what it's for.

Android is a Open Source development platform Google Started about 2 years ago. The very smart people at Google knew all the information they had would one day help us with our lives.

Android is the first free, open source, and fully customizable mobile platform. Android offers a full stack: an operating system, middleware, and key mobile applications. It also contains a rich set of APIs that allows third-party developers to develop great applications. All you need to do is download some software and you are on your way to building your on application, widget or tool.

Android 1.6 first appeared on T-Mobile Cell Phones and are now moving into the next phase of development by teaming up with Verizon

What more can we ask for than the power of the biggest Internet empire and all there data knowledge. Over the next several weeks will be making many posts about developing apps as we hope build some with you. Check out the great video from the developer website. We hope you join us in developing with Android.


Fascinated by Android and Droid Phones