Where Am I Is Google Newest Mobile Search Feature Function

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This new Google Search Feature put us 200 miles away from our location. The concept is very cool, but Google has some work to do.
The search engine has been keeping us busy lately. The recent Maps Update and Integrating Buzz into Maps both arrived within weeks of each other. Needless to say the Android 2.1 update has also kept us busy too.

Here's the short announcement from Google:
"Well, I’m happy to announce that for those of you who turn to Google in search of, “where am I,” we finally have a better result. Starting today, just go to Google.com on your phone in the US, search for “where am I”, and wonder about your own whereabouts no more.

Note that in this alpha release, we are finding that our results can be slightly off. However, accuracy should improve with greater usage. So if at first the answer is not what you’d expect, please continue to try it over the next couple of days and ask your friends to do the same."

How many ways can you think of to use this feature?


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