Will Samsung Loading Free Gifts To Galaxy S5 Increase Sales or Bloat Your phone

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Galaxy S5

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Some would say that Galaxy S4 was a non launch. Samsung appears to be trying to stop those kind of comments in their tracks for the Galaxy S5 launch. The company has announced they will be adding over $500.00 of free stuff.

Meaningful rewards from the world’s top brands to make your GALAXY S5 experience even more enjoyable and productive.
From fitness to news to productivity apps, the Samsung GALAXY S5 comes with free, long-term subscriptions and premium services.

The gifts will range from free app downloads to a year of a premium service. The Run Keeper,Lark, Skimble, Map My Fitness, Wall Street Journal,Bloomberg Businessweek +, PayPal, LinkedIn, EasilyDo Pro, Flick Dat, Cut the Rope 2, Bitcasa, Box and Evernote will be opt in gifts as far as we know.

We beg to think that marketing like this will send buyers looking for devices with no free stuff. In the PC market manufacturers and dealers have been adding trials to computers for years. Most people land up spending hours going through this bloatware deleting one at a time. When a PC company puts trial offer on your CPU they hope you buy the full version hence earning them more income.

Samsung may be getting lots of attention for the freebies but have began a Bloatware debate online. As the news gets out many negative comments have popped up. Weve all seen this before with Computers. The addition of software and Apps will use memory and fill home screens with icons.

Some of the apps and service Samsung are offering here are truly premium. Just the WSJ and the Bloomberg Business Week subscription are worth $190.00 combined. Continuing these 2 after trial offer could get expensive but Others like the training and sharing apps are more affordable.

Samsung already loads many or there in house apps to your phone.Kies Air, S Memo, S Voice and Samsung Hub just to name a few. Lots of users call these bloatware, but Samsung would say they are added to make user experiences better. I would say it depends on who you are and your needs before forming an opinion.



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