Will Updates on Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch Make You Want to Buy One

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Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch

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The Galaxy Gear from Samsung has achieved a new level of active wear perfection with the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. The first iteration of the Samsung Galaxy smart watch was blockier and a bit oversized. People still found the idea interesting and sent in a great deal of feedback to Samsung. They chose to listen and many of the issues disappeared.

"What's this watch all about?" Well, it is good that you ask? The smart watch concept is basically an add-on to a smartphone. In this instance it is an add-on for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Android smartphone. The device pairs with its smartphone compatriot to create a dual-purpose device. The device is primarily used to send and receive phone calls without having to fish your smartphone out. There are other cool features such as taking photos, and this particular iteration has ramped up the active lifestyle concepts by becoming a more devoted music storage and play device.

There are many changes to the Galaxy Gear 2 when compared to the original. The most obvious of these updated features come in the form of outward appearance. The general appearance of the original is maintained but the slimmer device has a new home button placed intuitively on its side. The old screws that gave it a more industrial appearance, but irritated many wearers, have been removed. The best upgrade to the general appearance of the Gear 2 is the removable watch band. It uses a 22mm watch pin. If you want to use your own band, you can with this model. If you simply want to add in a different style or color of the standard band you will be able to swap those around too. The last major external update is the water proofing that has made the Galaxy S5 so intriguing. The Gear 2 is IP67 rated and can be used underwater for short duration just like the S5 that it pairs with.

The outward appearance is nice, but you don't just want a sexy looking smart watch do you? You want a time-piece that makes your life so much easier that it is scary. Well, the Galaxy Smart Watch has a lot of little updates that improve the overall sharpness of its usage. The 1.63 inch Super AMOLED display has a 320 X 320 resolution. This allows for very crisp imagery. Despite its tiny size it has a 1 GHz dual core processor and 512 GB of RAM which more than provides the processing power for its various apps. The 4 GB of storage space is nothing to sneeze at. However, the greatest difference in this device and its predecessor is that it does not run on the Android operating system. This smart watch runs on the Tizen open source OS which Samsung helped to develop.

Do you like apps? Well, there should be no worries there! This Galaxy Smart Watch is compatible with a whole host of popular apps. PayPal, eBay, and even the GM OnStar app are among the many options available. There are far too many to mention here but a few are designed for the fitness oriented crowd. Do you lead an active fitness lifestyle? The pedometer, heart rate monitor, and sleep/stress apps are available for download. Fill your storage with music, and rock your body while jogging or even taking a few laps in the pool! Sure, you won't be able to hear the music as well underwater, but you could do it!

That is possibly the unofficial motto of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch. "If you want it, do it! The Gear 2 will go anywhere with you." You can even use it to control your world if you like. This watch uses the 4.0 version of Bluetooth. If you have Bluetooth enabled devices such as a television or Blu-ray player, you can actively use this smart watch like a remote control!

All of these fancy features combine to create an unstoppable device that can make life so much simpler. You can ditch the extraneous cords, have conversations without ever having to dawn a head set or take your phone out of your pocket, and even control the devices in your home. You can do this all right from your wrist. Imagine it, no more hunting for the remote! No more taking your watch off to take a quick shower! No more worrying about fishing your phone out to take a quick photo of something amazing that you just saw on your daily jog. Just snap and go! This smart watch makes your world a just a little easier.



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