WireFly Website Gets Special Price On Droid and Eris Android Phones

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I was chatting with one of my phone buddies yesterday and he mentioned that WireFly.com was getting a better price for Droids than we paid. Being as cheap as I am I had to investigate.

After contacting the guys and gals WF what I found was good news for the people who havnt purchased a Droid Phone yet. Bad news for me and my friends who bought the first night of release. Wirefly is selling The Droid and Eris for much less than anyone else. We are not allowed to mention the price but trust me you can get about 25% off and no rebates to deal with. They also ship FedEx.

As far as we know now these price's will only be good for a limited time. So if you are on the fence about about buying the Droid or Eris this could be the closer.

Wirefly: DROID by Motorola from Verizon Wireless

Its been one week since The Droid Phones where released. All my associates and I feel the droid is going to be a great phone for the masses. So far we have not found any major cliches with The Droid except for some minor inconveniences. Things like getting use to the keyboard do not out weigh the functionality of the phone. Simply put the Droid and Eris are major step forward for cell phone and smartphone users. Along with being amazing phones they will help put devices like this in the average persons pocket.


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