Yahoo Release Yahoo App Search, To Help Android and iPhone Users

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Android users will probably be familiar with the fact that it is difficult to find the right app for your phone. This is because it can be hard to search for particular ones, and many are not sure how to find what they want. However, it looks as though this problem will be fixed soon, with Yahoo announcing that they are releasing a new search engine that will cater for the needs of both Android and iOS users who have been experiencing this issue. This new search engine will be able to search through the apps in the Android Market, as well as those in the Apple App Store. The Android Market holds 200,000, and the Apple App Store has 350,000, so this will be no mean feat.

This is good news for Android users, as well as those with iOS handsets. They will now be able to search through the available apps to find the one they want, whether they are with O2, or any other network. This new facility is called the Yahoo App Search, and it will enable users to find descriptions of the apps, details of price and a screenshot for each one, so that they can make informed decisions.

Users will be able to search apps easily as the search engine will have a filtering option. There will also be separate tabs, including Top Paid, Top Free, Top Trending and Most Reviewed apps, giving users yet more options regarding to how to choose which apps to download. They will then be encouraged to give feedback, so that other users can see what their peers thought of specific apps, and refer to that when making decisions. This new facility will offer choice to both Android and iPhone users, and should prove to be very useful.


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